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Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy


How long does treatment typically last?

Sessions can look different and each person's process is unique. Sessions can consist of venting/processing feelings, exploring ways to feel better, learning about triggers, healing wounds from the past or learning effective ways to communicate and build stronger connections. 

The time frame for achieving goals is not predictable. It depends on how deep the issue is and how you work through it.

Therapy is typically recommended on a weekly basis until you are feeling better. Some clients increase to twice weekly for added support when needed, or reduce to one to two times monthly when progress is achieved. 

Clients may choose to remain in therapy for years because they need the support and others will check-in when needed. Some may even need just a few sessions to motivate and create change. 

How much do you charge and do you accept insurance?

I understand that finances can be a concern. Therapy is offered at a reasonable rate based on the area of service. 

I am in network with some insurance companies. Once we establish if my services will suit your needs and you are on board to begin, I can check your mental health benefits as a courtesy. 

I often get potential clients reporting that their insurance does not cover "marriage counseling". Please note that if individual therapy is covered then  "family psychotherapy" is typically covered. It is important to know your own insurance coverage because if what I find is inaccurate then you will be responsible for full payment to MFTS.

If you decide to use your out-of-network mental health outpatient benefits, you would pay my out-of-pocket rate, then submit receipts/bills for possible reimbursement to your insurance company. 

Can you see me and my significant other individually AND as a couple?

Each treatment plan is different. The therapist remaining unbiased and neutral when working with family units is helpful in gaining the trust of each client.  

During family or couples therapy I will request to speak to each member individually at times to gain perspective, assess individual needs and work through areas that may be affecting the relationship. If the areas of concern go outside the realm of the relationship that is being worked on in couples/family therapy, separate individual therapists will be recommended to work on any personal areas. 

I often see spouses individually if their primary concern is their individual issues. Then I will bring them together when needed to work on communication etc. 

I do accept referrals from friends or family members of my clients and determine if it is appropriate based on the relationship to the current client. 

How can I get started?

I would love to talk with you over the phone to see if my services are right for you so please give me a call at your earliest convenience. From there I will schedule your first session and you will be directed to access your own online secure portal which is all you need to get started. All documentation storage and websites used are secured to the best ability. 

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