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Providing individual, family and couples therapy

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy


Do you feel worried, stressed or down? Have you gone through a lot and need support or someone to talk to? Do you just want to feel happier? If so then individual therapy may be helpful for you.

      Common goals...

  • Create a work life balance
  • Cope with stress/change
  • Think more positively
  • Identify/express needs 
  • Increase confidence
  • To feel happier with yourself and others

  • Depression and anxiety are some of the most common areas of mental health that people struggle with. 

  • Therapy helps to change thought patterns, normalize feelings and create a healthy path ahead.

  • All relationships in your life are also looked at while in individual therapy. 

  • Loved ones can be brought into sessions to help practice healthy communication.

Couples/Family Therapy


Are you not feeling heard? Has your connection declined? Do you want to feel happier in your relationship? If so then couples or family therapy may be right for you.

       Common goals...

  • Improve communication
  • Increase trust
  • Set healthy boundaries 
  • Cope with mental illness or addiction
  • Work through life changes  
  • Strengthen relationship bonds
  • To feel happy again in your relationships

  • Couples therapy can be helpful for those in any stage or form of a relationship, whether dating, engaged, married or divorced. 

  • Family therapy can include families with young or adult children, blood related or not. 

  • Parents need support too. Areas to work on can be co-parenting with an ex, or needing help setting structure in your home. Children can be included in therapy as well.

Online Therapy


  • Individuals, families and couples can be seen online in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. If you are located outside the USA, prior to services I will check the mental health regulations where you physically are located. 

  • Online therapy is a secure (encrypted) two-way video. You will have access to your own secure online portal with all electronic paperwork, scheduling, messaging and billing. It provides such convenience.

  • Eliminates commute time and cost for those on a tight schedule or budget.  You can even have a session from your secure work office.

  • Just prop up your computer/iPad/phone, sit back in the comfort of your own space and you are all set. Privacy tips can be suggested upon intake.

  • You are learning and practicing changes while in your everyday environment.

  • Sitting with a blanket, tea and candles on your couch creates comfort when discussing difficulties. Having therapy in your own space has proven to increase openness and decrease anxiety than in an office setting. 

  • Online therapy is provided in conjunction with in-person therapy to strengthen the therapeutic relationship and personal connection.

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